– Subway Coupons Canada – The well-known restaurant chain devised a novel kind of advertising. There were six individual 6-inch subs on it, one for each day of the week. - Subway Coupons Canada – Subway Coupons Canada

These are some of the Canadian Subway sandwiches that are available right now, and they change every day:

  • Oven Roasted Chicken on Monday
  • Italian BMT on Tuesday
  • A Sweet Onion and Tempura Chicken Dish on Wednesday
  • Breast of Turkey on Thursday
  • Tuna on Friday
  • You might be able to get Black Forest Ham and Turkey Breast on Saturday.
  • Subway Club on Sunday

Keep in mind that you can’t mix and match the Sub of the Day deal with any other sales. The price of optional items could also be more than the base price.

How To Get a Subway Coupon Code?

If you subscribe soon, SUBWAY will send you email updates:

Sign up for SUBWAY’s email newsletters to be the first to know about all their latest news and events. For a low, low fee, get SUBWAY’s email deals and promos emailed to you.

Do not make any purchases from right now:

Visit SUBWAY to add food items to your virtual shopping basket, but remember to leave the site before checking out. To encourage you to return and finish your purchase, SUBWAY may send you a promotional coupon via email or text message.

A discount code can be obtained by calling SUBWAY’s customer service line:

Call, message, or visit SUBWAY’s website to speak with a support representative. The idea is to pretend you’re a customer who wants to buy anything from SUBWAY but isn’t sure if they have any deals or coupons. Many WorthEPenny users have successfully obtained SUBWAY discount coupons ranging from 15% to 20% by just asking nicely.

Discover the offers of SUBWAY on different social media sites:

Follow SUBWAY on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to be updated on their newest sales, discounts, and promo codes. Discounts and sales are frequently promoted on these channels.

Check out SUBWAY’s “Promotions” page:

You can always find the most recent SUBWAY coupons and discounts on the “Promotions” page of Make sure to check back for the greatest offers on SUBWAY because Subway is always adding new discounts here.

Search WorthEPenny to find a Subway coupon code:

You can discover the best discounts and promo codes for thousands of major shops, like SUBWAY, on WorthEPenny, the leading digital coupon site. Every day, our group of dedicated researchers updates this list with new SUBWAY discounts as they become available. You may rest assured that SUBWAY is providing you with the best deal. Please check again later, as these SUBWAY deals are subject to change.

How to use SUBWAY coupon codes? - Subway Coupons Canada

  • Pick up a fantastic SUBWAY promo code and hit the “Get Code” button. Then, the link to SUBWAY’s official website will be automatically provided to you.
  • Go ahead and put whatever you want into your shopping basket when you’re ready to finish your purchase. Make note of where you may input your discount code and do so when you reach the checkout page.
  • Just hit the “apply” button to put your coupon code to use. You may check if your discount has been applied to your basket total by looking for a price reduction.
  • You may complete your purchase by going to the checkout page.

Printable Coupons for

Updates and new additions to the print coupon collection on MySubway Canada are made often. Just print them off and present them to the cashier at any Subway Sandwich Artist store that accepts them when you place your purchase. This does not apply to orders placed online or those that are delivered. Subway coupons may only be used at participating locations listed on

Subway App coupons

If coupons are misplaced Subway vouchers may be accessed by subscribers through their mobile app.

Subway Gift Cards

Orders of $1,000 or more, whether placed online or in physical form, are eligible for a discount.

The Subway Mobile App

You might be able to get your hands on some special coupons, promotions, and savings using the latest Subway smartphone app. You may download the Subway app from either the App Store or the Play Store, depending on your mobile operating system. You can shop on the move, save time, and maybe even save money using this app.

When new Subway discounts or sales become available, you may sign up to get alerts from the company. If you haven’t created an account with MyWay Rewards yet, you may start using the program as soon as you install the app. You may also connect your checking account. You may load money into your Subway app account and use it to pay instead of carrying around physical currency.

What to Do If a Subway Coupon Code Is not working?

  • Verify the Subway coupon code you entered twice to be sure it’s correct.
  • Make sure the minimum amount is larger than or equal to your entire payment.
  • Verify that the promotional code you wish to use hasn’t passed its expiration date.
  • If you continue to have trouble, try using a different Subway coupon that you saw on CouponFollow. - Subway Coupons Canada


When it comes to submarine sandwiches, no one does it better than Subway. Everyone from health-conscious customers to those who just want delicious cuisine fast loves their salads and sandwiches. People who are watching their fat intake often choose sub sandwiches as an alternative to fatty fast food.

On the healthier side, Subway offers grilled chicken, fresh veggies, premium deli meats, and multigrain bread, among other alternatives. Parents might feel better about serving healthy options like apple slices and milk to their children rather than unhealthy options like chicken nuggets and French fries. A few of Subway sandwiches have even been named “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association. FAQs

  • My question is this: where is the closest Subway?

Are you interested in a delicious sandwich? On the plus side, Subway has more than 43,000 locations in 190 countries, so it’s pretty much everywhere you look. Their Store Locator can help you find the one closest to you.

  • Which Subway vouchers are valid?

Feel free to take a screenshot or save the code to your phone if you come across a deal that catches your eye. Make sure to inform the cashier at your neighborhood that you intend to use a promotional coupon before you pay for your order.

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