– Free Drinks – Win Route 44 Code – As one of the most renowned restaurant chains in the United States, Sonic is conducting an online survey for its valuable customers to make amends in the areas that are lacking in their business. This can help the company compete with its present rival groups such as- Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s. – Free Drinks – Win Route 44 Code - Free Drinks - Win Route 44 Code

The Sonic customer survey can be joined from the URL:

SurveySonic Drive-In Survey
RewardsFree route 44 Drink
Time3 to 5 Minutes
Coupon Valid Till50 Days
Entry LimitUnlimited
LocationUnited States
Receipt14 Days

How to take the Survey?

If you are here to participate in the Sonic customer survey then read through the following steps:

  • A recent order or purchase from any of the Sonic outlet near you is mandatory to participate in the Sonic survey.
  • Now, you can visit the site: to carry the survey forward.
  • Customers are now requested to enter the survey code as printed on the receipt.
  • Mentioning the time, date and the number of the store from your last visit as printed on your invoice is the next step.
  • The survey offers two different language options to move forward for answering the questions. Choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Now tap the Start button to move forward with the Sonic customer survey.
  • The survey will now begin with a series of questionnaire which range from the best to worst ratings.
  • The participants can rate these questions in terms of their overall experience with the Sonic stores.
  • The service, cleanliness, staff attitude and the general environment of the Sonic stores are some of the criterias mentioned on the rating scale for the Sonic survey.
  • It is requested that the participants must answer these questions without hesitation or doubt.
  • After you agree with all the rating that you have provided on the Sonic survey website, you can now click the Submit option to exit from the survey. Benefits and Rewards

  • Sonic is currently offering coupon code to all the customers who have decided to participate in the online survey.
  • These coupons can fetch you free drinks at your nearest Sonic store. - Free Drinks - Win Route 44 Code

Terms and Conditions for Entering the Survey

Keep the following terms and conditions in mind before entering the online Sonic survey:

  • The participants must be 18 or above for participating in the Sonic survey.
  • A general knowledge of English or Spanish is required to enter the Sonic survey.
  • A Valid invoice is definitely required for entering the Sonic customer survey.
  • The receipt is only valid for the next 14 days from the date of your visit to any of the Sonic store or outlet.
  • The survey code or coupon code for the redemption of free drinks from Sonic can only be attained after completing the survey.
  • The validation code or coupon code will remain valid until the next 60 days.
  • Although it is pretty clear but, the validation code can only be used once for ordering the free drinks.
  • Every individual is allowed to collect only one free drink by using the validation code per visit.

Requirements for Entering the Survey

The requirements or prerequisites for entering the Sonic store survey are mentioned as follows:

  • A recent purchase invoice from Sonic is required to enter the online survey.
  • The participants can enter the survey using network supportive devices and gadgets.
  • English and Spanish are the only two languages supported on the portal for Sonic survey. - Free Drinks - Win Route 44 Code

About Sonic Drive-In

The Sonic Drive-In stores are currently one of the most rapidly growing fast-food restaurant chain based in America. Sonic is currently owned and operated by the Inspire Brands Corporation who are the parent company of other popular fast-food chains- Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s.

Founded in the year 1953, the Sonic restaurant chain is based in Shawnee, Oklahoma where it was initially situated. The restaurant currently has over 3550 stores in different locations all over America. - Free Drinks - Win Route 44 Code


Sonic is offering a chance to redeem free drinks to its customers by entering the online survey. This survey helps out the company to establish further norms and rules for carrying out the business in an improved fashion.

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Sonic Drive-In Survey FAQs

  • What can we expect after completing the online survey for Sonic?

Answer – The customers can expect to claim free drinks from the Sonic Drive-in through.

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